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How To Stop Automated Messages On Mtn Network



Naturally, before now,MTN is practically known for its incessant automated messages that they just kept disturbing your phone with. The annoying thing is that those automated messages are mostly irrelevant messages that does not add to your in a way which kept propping up on your phone device and these unsolicited promotional messages has out rightly become a pain in the neck the MTN users.


However, MTN came up with an option where you can opt out of these unsolicited promotional messages by dialing *123*5*4#, but nowadays this method is not anymore available in use.
It is now obsolete; hence, they introduced a much more effective opting out option called the Do Not Disturb (DND) list wherein you can opt out from these unsolicited promotional messages.
Interestingly, you can even manage the kind of promotional message that you receive from your MTN network. Perhaps, you can out rightly opt out of such messages if you so wish.
Well, here in this post I shall show you the basic tips by which you can use the Do Not Disturb (DND) list to be able to opt out of the MTN automated messages.
You can get started by sending HELP to 2442 as this will help to bring out all the categories of the advert messages that you can unsubscribe from.

Interesting to note is that to send message and other related to MTN DND is absolutely free of charge.

After you have, then send STOP to 2442 and this prompt will help to unsubscribe you from all the categories of the advert messages that you continuously receive on your phone device from the MTN network.

Then again, if you may still wish to change your mind to continue to receive the MTN automated messages, all you need do is to send ALLOW to 2442, and there you go again to receiving your messages.

However, if you have successfully opted out from all the categories but now you wishes to receive only message from a category or some, then all you need do is to send the SMS codes in the table below to 2442 and start receiving back your promotional messages from your MTN network.

Furthermore, here are the list of the SMS codes and the advert categories for your knowledge.

SMS 1- for Banking, Insurance, Financial product
SMS 2- for Real Estate
SMS3- for Education
SMS 4- for Health
SMS 5- for Consumer Good and automobile
SMS 6- for Communications, Broadcast, , Entertainment, and IT
SMS 7- for Tourism and Leisure
SMS 8- for Sport
SMS 9- for Religion
Now, if you wish to check the status for the Do Not Disturb (DND) on any of the aforementioned categories all you need do is to send an SMS 1 or any other SMS to 2442, as you will start to receive promotional messages of the specific category that you desire as interest.
Fundamentally, like I said this procedure applies to every other category of your choice that you wish to receive their promotional messages.
Most importantly, with this MTN DND list you can be sure to have your message control at you beck and call and you shall not anymore be bothered with the MTN automated messages that props up on your mobile device at will.

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