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Paraphrasing this statement “the fear of hackers and scammers is the beginning of wisdom”. The internet has gone absolutely hay wired with dangerous devices to extol internet users of their hard earned monies and fortune by some serial hackers and scammers.
More so, the proliferation of devices from Android and internet connected appliances has widely opened the public and internet users to even higher risks. However, here in my article, I shall give you tips to safeguard and secure your account online.
Create a difficult Password to understand- Obviously this might not sound new to you but truth is you have to create a strong unique password for your account to keep these hackers at bay from your personal information.

The ear that we live in is the era of a widespread corporate hacks and scams where if one database is breached and proliferated it can reveal tens of thousands of users passwords across the world; and if the exposed and leaked data from the very attacked one and use it to login to your other accounts where a lot more havoc can be done to your accounts.

Therefore, in order to prevent this, you need to use a password manager that can help you to store and create a strong password for all your online accounts.

Expand your Network Security- now this is another step toward securing your account online probably as your logins are a bit secured and safer. However, you must make certain that your connections are safe and secure when you are at home or at work, you can use a password protected router that helps to encrypt your data.

Nevertheless, if you are tempted to use a public connection of free WiFi, then it is legally advisable that you use Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that creates a secure connection over the internet because using the public free WiFi is usually unsecured for hackers to strike into your account.

Install a Firewall Protection- No matter how secured you think your network has become; it is very expedient that you still use a firewall protection against possible hacks from unknown device.

The firewall is an electronic device that serves as a barrier and blockage to an unauthorized access to your computers or devices, which is commonly and repeatedly included with comprehensive security software.Easy Ways to Check Your Bank Verification Number(BVN)

It might equally, interests you to know that making use of a firewall will ensure that all of the devices that are possibly connected to your network are ultimately secured, including the Internet of Things (IoT) devices like the webcams and smart thermostats.

This move is very significant since the Internet of Things devices are not usually equipped with security measures that can possibly give hackers and scammers a vulnerable access point to enter into your account and cause unprecedented havoc.

Don’t click carelessly- It is also very imperative that you know the kind of people that you give access to your personal information; therefore, you must make certain that you don’t invite danger all by yourself to your network by careless clicking.

Unfortunately, the many online threats that we experience nowadays are as a result of phishing that has to do with social engineering- when you are tricked by these hackers into revealing and disclosing your personal details and information or very sensitive data with nonchalant clicking.

You must understand that phony free offers, spam emails, click baits, online quizzes, all these are basically dangerous tactics that are used to entice and lure you to give up your personal information once you click on them.

Consequently, you must be very careful of any online offer that sounds too good to be true or perhaps asks for too much of your information. They possibly could be baits to pounce on your network and devour your account.

Don’t just Share your Information Anyhow- When online you have to be a selective sharer of your personal information because these days we have ample opportunities to give out our personal details online so easily.

My candid advice is that you mind and be very cautious of the way you share your information that are personal to you, especially when it has to be your identity information because it can possibly be used to impersonate you.

Make sure your Mobile Life is Protected- You must not leave your mobile devices at the mercy of these hackers; make sure that your security software is enabled on your mobile devices; otherwise your mobile device may just be vulnerable to online threats.

As a matter of fact, mobile devices are faced with certain new risks like risky apps, dangerous links which are sent as text messages; therefore, you must have to be extremely careful to know where and how you click the button of your mobile and avoid responding to messages from strangers. However, you can make your download from an official app store.

Surf and Shop Safely- It is very vital that you take this point to heart. Always remember that when you are shopping or trying to make any banking transactions you must make sure that the website address starts with “https” and it must also has a padlock icon in the URL field.

This move for certain shows that the website you are visiting is secured with encryption to scramble your data so that it can’t be interrupted by other users.

Another ideal point that you must notice is that you must be on the lookout for websites with wrong spellings or bad grammar on their websites because they possible are imitators of the original and legitimate websites.

Update your Software- You must have to keep all your software updated by having the latest security measures and patches and then ensure that your security software is totally set to run a constant scan check on your devices.

Be on the Lookout for Possibly Latest Scams- Consistently, you must be very much at alert to monitor any online threats that are rapidly evolving at every point in time, of which ‘ransomware’ is one of the rising threats online.

So, be very watchful and know what to look out for because this is actually when these unscrupulous hackers threaten to strike and lock you out of your devices and then threatens that you pay a ransom out of your nose.

Always, be Cautious- Now you must have to keep up your guard and be very cautious with the things you do online, the type of site you visit, and the kind of information that you share.

However, to avoid any of these risk to befall you, you must ensure to make use of comprehensive security software and then ensure that you also back up your data on a regular period should anything happens.

Ultimately, by taking these preventive stances, you can be sure to save yourself of many troubles that is associated with the internet.

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